Personal Timeline


My name is Matt Crowley and I live in Seattle Washington. I moved here in 1987 from Missoula, Montana.

I attended the University of Montana from 1980 until 1987. In 1981 or so I teamed up with Shawn Swagerty and Dave Peterman for a one performance rock band called Jimmy Jones and the Cult of the Damned. I played drums, Dave Peterman played guitar, and Shawn Swagerty played bass. As you might imagine, I was one of the “Damned”:

Some time later I was in a band called Sports and Science:

I was the vocalist:

When I graduated I got my first car, a 1987 Dodge Daytona:

Kim Thayil is in the dark hat, Chris Ballew of the Presidents of the United States of America is in the green hat:

After I left the sideshow in 1994 I would perform sideshow stunts by myself on occasion. In the mid 1990’s I was asked to participate in the dedication of the Giant Show Museum here in Seattle. I performed a condom stunt which I had invented. After I unrolled a condom I inhaled it in my nose then made it come out my mouth. Then I reversed the process, by putting it in my mouth and making it come out my nose. Then I put it over my head and inflated it. This was one of a number of sideshow stunts that I invented that are still being demonstrated by other sideshow performers. (Photos courtesy Jeff McCormick)

Here I am with Teller, explaining the “can smash” sideshow act:

When I left the sideshow I returned to work as a pharmacist, this time with Bartell pharmacy. Eventually I stopped doing that and started building and selling lamps. I did that for a time, and then became a student at South Seattle Community College.

Check out the blue guy in this video. The blue Mustang is mine as well.

Henry Shepherd also produced this video for another Seattle band called Devilhead, which featured Kevin Wood, brother of the late Andrew Wood. I play one of the clowns.

Our Moore theater performance was uploaded onto YouTube. Here is the segment that I’m featured in.

Here is a short segment for local TV shot at the Crocodile Cafe’ here in Seattle. My favorite part is watching how mind-blowing Mr. Lifto’s tongue piercing was back in 1991!

Here is a screen capture from a video shot for Ripley’s Believe it or Not shot back in 2000. The woman assisting me is Jen Browne.

Here is a YouTube clip which was shot in Seattle but shown on the English TV program called “The Word”.

I upload photos I like to my Flickr page.