Jun 282012

I like Costco. I buy most of my stuff there, including my food. This is a recipe for my current default lunch, which I think is healthy and is most certainly filling. I use an “Aroma” brand rice cooker which has a “slow cook” setting.

Add 50gm bulgur into the rice cooker along with 5gm curry powder, 5gm chili powder, and 375ml water. I’ve substituted McCormick powdered taco seasoning for the chili powder. Thaw one frozen chicken wing the night before in the refrigerator. This should weigh about 250gm, but more or less is OK. Cut this into chunks that weigh about 3gm, discarding bits of fat. I use Costco skinless, boneless chicken thighs.

Cook this for one hour in the rice cooker on the “slow cook” setting. On my “Aroma” brand rice cooker the slow cook button can be pushed multiple times; each press adds one hour to the timer. I watch this hour timer to check that one hour has passed. Stir occasionally with a long handled spoon that is compatible with the nonstick surface of the rice cooker.

I purchased my digital scale from Harbor Freight, but I understand they are now commonly available, even at Walmart.

After cooking one hour, add about 300gm frozen Kirkland stir-fry mixed vegetables and mix in well. You can add directly from the freezer, as even a short duration of cooking will thaw and cook them correctly. Add 20gm “Simply Asia” sweet ginger garlic seasoning (from Costco!) and mix in well. To avoid over-cooking the vegetables, don’t cook longer than about 20 minutes. 15 minutes is about right.

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