Aug 122010

After walking down Alki beach this evening, I went to 7-11 to buy some diet pop. Sitting in the parking lot was a young man digging something out of the sole of his bare foot. As I exited the store, I saw he had moved under a floodlight. I pulled out my 3D Maglite from my truck and asked if he needed more light. He said thanks, but asked if I had a knife. As I handed him my Leatherman Core and turned on my flashlight, I could see he had been digging at his skin with a 1cc syringe. He started digging at his sole with the knife blade on the Leatherman tool.

As I illuminated his foot, he was startled by the sound of some woman calling to him. He said he had to leave immediately or else his girlfriend would abandon him there. He got up and ran toward her and her car, evidently with a glass shard still embedded in his foot. Thoughtfully, he suggested I carefully clean off my knife…

It’s presently drying after an extended bath in 35% hydrogen peroxide.

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