Dec 152009

The following list is actually a repeat of a post I made to the JREF back in late 2007. Being that several of my predictions came true in 2008, I’m going to stick with a winning game plan. ‘Cause a winner never quits and a quitter never wins…

1. Cell phones with amazing new features will appear on the market.

2. Early frost will threaten Florida or California orange groves, causing TV anchors to warn viewers that the price of orange juice may go up.

3. This one guy will go from total obscurity to national fame virtually overnight.

4. A well respected female Hollywood celebrity will shed her clothes for a magazine photo spread. This event will be announced as “news” and not simply celebrity publicity.

5. Large retail sales will be continue to be referred to as “clearance events” and not “sales”.

6. The United States will produce a bumper crop of a major agricultural staple.

7. A record setting pumpkin will be grown.

8. A pumpkin will be “chucked” a record setting distance.

9. Courtney Love will be in the news again.

10. And here is my biggie: A railroad tanker car laden with a noxious chemical will derail and breach, necessitating the evacuation of a small town in the deep South.

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