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On page 256 of Sasquatch Jeff Meldrum writes:

” I later identified an additional 13-inch cast in Krantz’s collection from the same site. Upon examining it, Chilcutt confirmed that it likewise displayed similar coarse ridge detail, although fainter, probably due to inundation by settling dust prior to casting. This observation affirmed his conclusion that these represented natural dermatoglyphics rather than pouring artifacts, or else one might expect the clarity of the ridge detail to be comparble (sic) in so far as the pouring technique was similar”.

Unfortunately, this account does not specify which cast we are talking about! My best guess is that Meldrum is referring to CA-6, as CA-6 does exhibit ridge detail and it appears to be 13″ long:

Note that the gross detail on CA-6, particularly in the toe area, is ill-defined:

Note too, the color of the adhered substrate. It seems much more tan than the color of the adhered substrate of CA-19 and CA-20. Why it differs in color from other casts in the series is an intriguing issue in its own right. Though not immediately obvious, it appears to represent a right foot. Ridges are seen on the lateral edge:

Indeed there is ridge detail on the cast. Though not as spectacular as the ridge detail of CA-19, it is entirely consistent with the shape and distribution of known desiccation ridges. But something else is more damning to the interpretation of these ridges as dermal ridges:

As seen from above, it appears that the ridges are in fact located on the cement slurry overflow, and so do not actually represent the texture of the track surface:

Unfortunately this photo is out of focus. But it can be seen that at least one of the ridges appears to be located at the very feather-edge of the cast, which very likely represents simple slurry overflow.

Unless Meldrum is more specific about which cast he is referring to on page 256, we will have to leave it at this; the ridges are totally consistent with the size, shape and distribution of known desiccation ridges, and are very possibly presenting on what is simply slurry overflow anyway.

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